Surf and SUP Accessories


SUP finset

Price: $30.00

906/806 Finset

906/806 finset (thruster trailer)

Price: $28.00

706/606 Finset

706/606 finset

(FCS Compatible thruster set)

Price: $25.00

706/606 Finset

FinO soft surfschool finset

FinO Tab

Price: $35.00


Price: $33.00


Adjustable Paddle

Adjustable oZopaddle

Paddle length is critical when paddling a SUP . This paddle is an adjustable unit designed to easily adjust from 176cm to 215cm (5’9 1/2” to 7’1”) for you and all your mates. The adjustable paddle can be shortened or lengthened in 20mm (3/4”approx.) increments depending on the height of the user. It is made from aluminum and plastic.

Oh, if you drop it in the water you will always be able to find it because the contrasting color scheme stands out on the water & it will float.

Price: $150.00
Price: $120.00